Essemtec - Be more flexible.

Essemtec is the only manufacturer to cover the entire production process, such as stencil printers and/or jet dispensers, pick and place machines and soldering systems. Manual, semiautomatic and fully automatic systems are available. The range of products also includes transportation and storage systems, as well as software solutions for planning, simulation optimization and documentation of manufacturing. 
Essemtec systems are optimized for maximum flexibility. The user can switch from one product to another in no time and get maximum use of the available production capacity.


New Products


Fox Compact Automatic Pick-and-Place System


Compact Automatic Pick-and-Place System

The Fox can drive up to 180 feeder, illustrating its dedication to high-mix production. Due to its small footprint and reasonable weight, the machine is ideal for use in limited space production areas even those located on upper floors.
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Key features
  • 180 feeder on 1 m² production floor
  • Intelligent, electronic feeder - 01005 up to 80x33 mm, height 25 mm
  • Combined high-speed Jet Dispensing
  • Productivity - Up to 7'500 cph (IPC 9850A) with 50 µm (3σ) at full speed

Spider Compact High Speed Jetter and Dispenser


Compact High Speed Jetter and Dispenser

Essemtec Spider, the extreme fast and compact jet and general dispenser is rated for up to 150 000 dots per hour, dispenses 3D patterns and much more.

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Key features
  • Small footprint
  • Easily adaptive for your application
  • Up to 2 dispensing valves
  • Free choice of dispensing valve


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